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Senior Special Operations Logistics Analyst

Tampa, Florida

Job Description

Program Overview: 
The United States Special Operation Command’s (USSOCOM) Force Structure, Requirements, Resources and Strategic Assessments Directorate (J8) Strategic Planning and Analysis Division (J8‐S) requires services for analytical support for wide range of analytical products to USSOCOM directorates, centers, component commands and Theater Special Operations Commands (TSOCs). During project execution, personnel will provide the J8‐S, with high quality, defendable technical and analytical support expertise in employing analytical models and tools with a wide array of areas such as of software development, operation and maintenance of Government classified stand‐alone local area networks, and development and maintenance of classified databases.
Primary Responsibilities: 
The Senior Special Operations Logistics Analyst (SOLA) is considered a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for sustainment of all classes of supply and will apply their expertise to all tasks assigned. The Senior Special Operations Logistics Analyst shall:
  • Maintain Subject Matter Expertise of Global Plans, Regional Plans and USSOCOM’s Campaign Plan for Global Special Operations (CPGSO).
  • Assist in analysis to support shaping and informing Government development of external high-level guidance documents such as the National Defense Strategy (NDS), National Military Strategy (NMS), and the Defense Planning Guidance (DPG). Interpret strategic guidance and apply it to SOF adaptations for each OSD planning scenario.
  • Conduct, participate, or support analysis as required for Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) and SOF Capabilities. Integration & Development. System (SOFCIDS) as defined in SOCOM Directive 71-4, using JMA data, data from other approved databases, models, and other analytic tools to determine how the procurement of the item would address sustainment of special operations units.
  • Utilize JMA data to support studies, analyses, and Government development of other models, war games, and simulations that are critical to the execution of command activities.
  • Develop, coordinate, and maintain Planning Factors, Rules and Assumptions (PFR&A) form JMA ensuring SOF Force Elements have been identified and accurately portrayed with respect to sustainment to allow consistent application within the JMA database to Defense Planning Scenarios.
  • Understand and translate strategic-level scenarios into SOF operational campaigns and analyze the requirements against varying force structures.
  • Conduct analysis of risk in support of USSOCOM’s POM development process.
  • Apply the Capabilities Programming Guidance (CPG) and the Defense Planning Guidance (DPG) into analysis that can be used to assess special operations force design and force planning.
  • Utilize the Special Operations Forces Analysis and Modeling System (SOFAMS) suite of software products to support USSOCOM’s POM development cycle.
  • Translate SOF adaptations and the SOF portion of OSD Planning Scenarios into tactical level CONOPS in order to analyze required SO force structure and perform the following:
    • Support Government generation of requirements for SOF sustainment capabilities using strategy-to-task relationships;
    • Enter Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) into the JMA database to track SOF requirements;
    • Maintain Quality Control of user-entered data inside the JMA database;  and
    • Provide a Risk-Constrained Force Structure using SOF Capabilities-Based Risk Assessment Allocation Tool (SCRAAM) (this provides a very methodical progression to constrain the force that illustrates the risk within a particular force structure).
  • Work with Government and contract ORSAs in the development of analytical products derived from the JMA database.
  • Produce analytical products including SOF force structure analysis assessing the capability and capacity of a given special operations force (units and platforms across the spectrum of USSOCOM programs of record) to accomplish a specified set of missions for DoD defined scenarios, using planning factors, rules and assumptions in order to provide:
    • An evaluation of the capability and capacity of the SO sustainment force required to execute the NDS (Objective Force), and the supporting analytic data;
    • Generate strategy-to-task relationships from strategic-level documents in order to correctly portray global SOF operations and emerging requirements; and
    • Conduct force structure “excursions” using both qualitative and quantitative techniques to assess risk and to articulate the adequacy of a particular force structure;
    • Analyze various fiscally constrained resource files against specific requirements sets in order to highlight the sufficiency of a force structure.
  • Be responsible for J8 support to the J4 for War Reserve munitions input into DoD’s Munitions Requirements Process in accordance with USSOCOM Directive 700-8.
  • Oversee inputs and analysis of JMA’s logistics and munitions models as part of JMA models class of supply consumption for DoD Analytic Scenarios.


  • 10 years of uniformed military experience with demonstrated operational expertise in Special Operations logistics.
  • 2 years of Staff/Action Officer experience (can be concurrent with the 10 years above) at a senior level command (Interagency HQ, Joint Staff, or COCOM / equivalent 4-Star level command).
  • 2 years of experience (can be concurrent with the 10 years above) with automated logistical programs and knowledge of unique characteristics for all Classes of Supply.
  • Familiarity with USSOCOM SOF component’s force structure and manning documents, as well as logistical employment of those structures to support ongoing SOF operations.
  • Top Secret Clearance desired but must possess a current DoD Secret clearance, and be upgradable to Top Secret within 4 months and eligible for SCI access and ACCM read-on.
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