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Curriculum/Lesson Plan Developer

Columbia, Maryland
The Kenjya-Trusant Group (KTG) SAFE Schools team is looking for a dynamic and motivated curriculum developer that is looking to make a difference.  The KTG SAFE Schools team is a group of multi-disciplinary professionals delivering broad-ranging, education-sector focused, interventions that strengthen the capabilities of people, policies, and facilities to ensure that students are able to learn and grow in safe, supportive, and responsible learning environment.
We are currently developing four workshops with the intent of improving school security by providing administrators, teachers, and students with the tools they need to quickly recognize and respond to violent attacks, mitigate risk exposure, and prevent acts of violence. We are looking for the support of a wizard who can make heads or tails of the Subject Matter Expert (SME) notes and pull them into to top-notch instructional material – lesson plans and presentations for the four workshops:
  1. Workshop for educators that addresses mental health needs in schools
  2. Workshop for educators that focuses on promoting social-emotional strengths
  3. Workshop for educators that focuses on conducting threat assessments in schools
  4. Workshop for students that focuses on mental health awareness and how they can assist in promoting school safety
Specific Duties
  • Provide input on the best material for adult and student learners
  • Work with SMEs to identify gaps in material
  • Develop and detailed course syllabi and outlines, including resources and materials
  • Observe work of teaching staff to evaluate performance and modify product accordingly
Minimum Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s Degree in education related field
  • Three years relevant experience
  • Previous education sector experience
  • Computer-literate
  • Able to collaborate with multiple individuals at varying levels
  • Effective written communication
  • Good eye for presentation
  • Master’s Degree in education related field
  • Valid teacher’s certification
  • Previous high school teaching and/or administration experience
  • Presentation and graphic design programs (ie Publisher, Photoshop, PowerPoint, or similar)
Some Other Details
Part-time (180-200 hours approximately this time with  the potential of more work in the future)
Remote work – 80%
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