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Human Resources (HR) / Office Manager

8894 Stanford Blvd, Suite 400, Columbia, MD · Human Resources
This position reports to Kenjya-Trusant Group (KTG) Chief Operations Officer.
  • Objective:
    • Manage human resources programs and policies including staffing, compensation, benefits, employee relations and training with support from TriNet.
    • Helps the management team support employees by preparing employee communications regarding company HR activities (e.g., policy, benefits, payroll)                                                                                    
  • Specific Tasks:
    • Responsible for human resources processes and management
    • Manage KTG personnel strength and provide HR metrics for proposal support
    • Liaison with TriNet
    • Manage Paid-Time-Off repayment agreements and Leave Without Pay (LWOP)
    • Manage employee education, including:
      • Company policies and procedures
      • Schedule annual benefits open enrollment it training with TriNet
      • Schedule and manage annual required training
      • Track employee education levels, and other critical elements for statistical, regulatory, and business development purposes
    • Responsible for new employee/in-processing process:
      • Enter new employee in TriNet three (3) days prior to start date
      • Send TriNet emails if not received on day
      • Validate I-9 processing in TriNet
      • Help new hires in-processing activities (e.g., MS Outlook questions, HRPassport questions, PTO questions, travel questions, WageWorks questions)
      • Manage new employees’ benefit selection
      • Manage personnel folder data:
        • In-processing checklist
        • Terms and Conditions
        • I-9 supporting documents
        • 401k information (provided by Finance Department)
        • Counseling statements
        • Employment changes in TriNet
        • Unemployment documents
  • Manage separation/out-processing process:
  • Create separation checklist for personnel folder
  • Communicate separation process with employee
  • Get employee to enter timesheet data three (3) days prior to termination date
  • Enter termination request in TriNet
  • Schedule out-processing with employee
  • Collect corporate property (e.g., computers, keys, as applicable)
  • Update personnel folders    
  • Documentation and coordination with TriNet                                                                                                                
  • Support other Daily/Weekly/Monthly tasks:
    • Answer HR-related emails/questions (e.g., timesheets, travel, PTO, STD/LTD, finding forms, using expense reports)
    • Support the Finance and Accounting Department on time and payroll entry
    • Send out time sheets due reminder
    • Manage employee’s keys (e.g., office keys, desks keys)
    • Manage staff meeting slides
    • Plan company meetings/social events
    • Manage employee PTO accruals for negative amounts each pay period
    • Manage D-STAMPS’ employees’ seniority dates monthly to increase PTO levels
  • Manage all office supplies
  • Manage and coordinate maintenance for all office resources

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