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Program Manager

Arlington, Virginia
Program Overview:
The safety and security of the Nation’s schools is a top priority for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Infrastructure Security Division (ISD), and it is committed to supporting our communities prepare for, respond to and hopefully prevent tragedies from occurring. CISA remains focused on supporting those who work to make schools safer and more secure, including the law enforcement community, school administrators, faculty and staff, school safety SMEs, and students and parents. As part of its efforts, CISA ISD is focused on designing and delivering cost-effective capacity building efforts within schools, school districts, and the surrounding communities that provide our children with a safe and secure learning environment. In addition, CISA is responsible for the management and administration of the interagency Federal School Safety Clearinghouse (Clearinghouse) and its website SchoolSafety.gov. The Clearinghouse’s website SchoolSafety.gov serves as a one-stop shop for schools, school districts, local law enforcement, students, parents, and others to find curated information on school security best practices, technologies, and other resources. Personnel will provide program support, strategic communications/engagement support, and website development/support.
Primary Responsibilities:
The Program Manager will:
· Provide management, direction, quality assurance, and leadership for execution of the services and deliverables under this contract.
· The Program Manager shall provide program management support to ISD’s School Safety Taskforce (SSTF) to include expert assistance and support, consultation, analysis and study preparation, analyses and reports documenting any proposed developmental, consultative or implementation efforts for all the major program areas and emerging programs and topics within SSTF.
· Work with identified program leads to develop new outreach, education, training, and assistance for new areas of interest based on emerging requirements or senior leadership direction. The support requested is to maintain these plans, create new plans for any new programs or initiatives created by SSTF throughout the contract period, provide PMP subject
matter expertise, and provide other program management support as requested. These PMPs aid in documenting support.
· Provide detailed planning and analysis required to fully understand the scope, mission, processes, and resources to implement CISA ISD school safety efforts.
· Support facilitation sessions with key stakeholders to develop a mission statement, goals, objectives, executive briefings, strategies, initiatives, and activities.
· Document key milestones in obtaining the strategic objectives; Identify roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders, program scope and objectives.
· Develop, implement, and maintain a program management plan as a governance tool to facilitate initiative implementation.
· Develop and maintain a master project plan to document key milestones in obtaining the strategic objectives.
· Provide support for SSTF intergovernmental and external advisory board activities.
· Support the Government in the review, development and design of government processes and procedures, including: Membership identification, administration, and management activities; FACA compliance activities and materials; and Reports, executive briefings, decision and action memos, and related materials.
· Support the Government in coordinating, facilitating and meeting support for the intergovernmental and external advisory boards, including, but not limited to: Assist with planning, development and delivery of board meetings, including development of pre-, during and post-meeting materials; and provide on-site assistance and logistical support for meetings.
· In coordination with SSTF staff, support the development of a performance management plan to measure the performance, outputs, and outcomes of SSTF activities and deliverables, including the Federal School Safety Clearinghouse. Maintain and update SSTF performance management plan and support implementation by: assisting program staff with the development of concrete and demonstrable metrics and measures of program outputs and outcomes; collect data and develop a monthly performance management dashboard for identified output and outcome measures of program activities and deliverables; and documenting the processes and workflows for program measurement activities supporting implementation of the performance management plan.
· Bachelor’s Degree
· 5-7 years of experience working with the education community
· Must go through the Public Trust/Fitness Suitability process

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