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Journeyman Software Programmer

Tampa, Florida

Job Description

Program Overview: 
The United States Special Operation Command’s (USSOCOM) Force Structure, Requirements, Resources and Strategic Assessments Directorate (J8) Strategic Planning and Analysis Division (J8‐S) requires services for analytical support for wide range of analytical products to USSOCOM directorates, centers, component commands and Theater Special Operations Commands (TSOCs). During project execution, personnel will provide the J8‐S, with high quality, defendable technical and analytical support expertise in employing analytical models and tools with a wide array of areas such as of software development, operation and maintenance of Government classified stand‐alone local area networks, and development and maintenance of classified databases.
Primary Responsibilities: 
The Journeyman Software Programmer shall:
  • Accomplish programming and development tasks to support the J8.
  • Perform duties as Baseline and Privileged Use Certified Information Assurance Technical (IAT) Level II in accordance with DoD 8570.01-M, DOD Instruction 8140.01, USSOCOM Manual 380-3, and the SIE OPORD.
  • Oversee development of software coded solutions, to include: modeling and simulations, spreadsheets, data entry, web, geographic information systems (GIS) and database efforts to support requests for data.
  • Provide technical expertise with regards to hardware requirements and software modeling/coding efforts.
  • Complete software programming, bug fixes, and integration activities. Primary developer/integrator for JMA models (SCRAAM, and SOFAMS) and tools (including Leveler/Grapher, Reporter, Date Movement Tool, Scenario Grouper, Resource Set Shaper, Scenario Disengagement Tool, and the Scenario Pass and Priority Tool). Oversee coding and integration of contractor developed new software models and tools.
  • Oversee and assemble model documentation.
  • Be the liaison with the Database Administrator, and Network Systems Engineer for software design, database design, hardware configurations and communication requirements.
  • Maintain software and data on the system including SOFAMS and associated databases, SCRAAM, the Special Operations Forces Ammunition Requirement Model (SOFARM), SOF Logistics Model, and other analytic products, including:
    • Support the Development Network through continuous software development to include testing and refinement of models and tools. Modify/develop/train on the use of software to meet USSOCOM modeling software requirements as required.
    • Act as the software application administrator for software residing on the JMA LAN, for software residing on J8-S desktop computers used to collect and analyze JMA data, and for any required Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software. This includes databases containing climatic, threat, environmental, and weapon system performance data (friendly and hostile); data input forms, digital mapping systems used for data input, extraction, and display; quality control tools for examining the database entries; and the software that utilizes the JMA database.
    • Install, test, and maintain software upgrades when provided and/or directed by the Government, to include periodic version upgrades to correct problems, improve efficiency and usability, and/or provide greater capability.
    • Interface with the Global Force Management (GFM) and the GSOS process to determine model requirements (inputs), manage data fidelity, analyze results; and develop model products. Develop software tools; maintain the database, and design model products and web-based interfaces.
    • Provide a continuously updated version of SOFAMS as the primary software model that tracks requirements. Provide the J8-S the software for each functional SOA to enter CONOPs in all mission areas (Special Forces, Ranger, MARSOC, NSW, MISO, CAO, ARSOAC & AFSOC).
    • Provide and maintain a Leveler Module compatible with the SOFAMS software to track and illustrate all requirements entered using the SOFAMS software. Maintain and provide continuous upgrades to the SCRAAM model to match time-based resources to requirements constrained by user-developed rules.
  • Provide development and maintenance capability to maintain the stand-alone network crucial to the mission of the J8-S that is configured to operate models simultaneously, multiple databases and support the variety of analysis required of the J8-S.
  • Evaluate and make recommendation on new hardware and software with the objective of increasing efficiency, productivity, accuracy, and integration within the JMA system.
  • Evaluate and make recommendation on the impact of new or emerging technologies on SOF capability assessments, analyses, and processes using JMA data, data from other approved databases, historical data, models, and analytic tools whenever possible to ensure the integrity of methodologies and the continuity of relevant analytic processes throughout the command.
  • Provide insights and recommendations regarding potential new technology needs that have been derived from the JMA SOFAMS or as a result of JMA related analyses. This support shall include the critical evaluation of existing methodologies, processes, models and analytic tools as well as new commercial and Government-owned software and models. All contractor proposed changes to any part of the Network Suite System must be approved by J8-S.
  • Use the latest database design and support methodologies to enhance retrieval of stored data and to ensure the fastest retrieval speeds and higher operating efficiencies.
  • Re-evaluate the database structure during the production phase of the JMA cycle and make recommendation to determine where improvements could be made.
  • Evaluate, integrate, install, test and maintain new software components to increase the reliability and efficiency of the JMA databases.
  • Ensure analysts can enter data, define data queries, and use analytic tools to examine and analyze the results. Create on-line tutorials and help files, commercially available programmed instruction, self-paced manuals and drill tasks, and manuals requiring instructor interface.
  • Document processes and training developed to ensure that a historical record is maintained.
  • Maintain SCRAAM and SOFAMS training files to include, but is not limited to: CONOP modeling; data collection tools; the use of analytic tools in support of force, platform, and equipment analyses.


  • 5 years of experience in software programming
  • 3 years of experience (can be concurrent with the 5 years above) in programming and database development using various development languages or frameworks such as: .Net/JAVA/JavaScript/Python/R
  • 2 years of experience (can be concurrent with the 5 years above) working in Visual Studio development suite
  • Baseline and Privileged Use Certified Information Assurance Technical (IAT) Level I; IAT Level II must be obtained within 6 months of start date.
  • Top Secret Clearance desired but must possess a current DoD Secret clearance, and be upgradable to Top Secret within 4 months and eligible for SCI access and ACCM read-on.
THE KENJYA-TRUSANT GROUP, LLC is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business that was established in 2015 as a merger between The Kenjya Group, Inc. and Trusant Technologies, LLC. Our mission is to implement, support and protect the nation’s advanced technology systems, business processes and high-technology facilities. Working with the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, the Intelligence Community, state and local governments, and commercial clients, Kenjya-Trusant provides cyber protection, information technology, engineering, construction management and acquisition support services. We are a small company with big company benefits, including Health, Dental, Vision, 401K, Flexible Spending Account, Life Insurance, Short- and Long-Term Disability, Paid Time Off, and a culture of teamwork and continuous learning. Come grow with us!

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